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Rhino Safety Barriers and Rhino Barrier Systems Ltd were incorporated both in the USA and UK respectively in August 1999. The product developed was the Rhino Polyethylene barrier which was placed through extensive testing in the United Kingdom at the MIRA test Centre. Our barriers are manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing plant based in Indiana, USA. We roto-mould each barrier out of the best materials and each unit is checked thoroughly by our quality control before being allowed to leave the plant. We can manufacture 50,000 barriers a year. We have both an International division and our USA based division. Please feel free to contact them on any issues regarding the Rhino Barriers.

The first test was for the NCHRP 350 TL2 with a 820kg small car which successfully passed the test criteria on the 23rd May 2001. This was later followed with extensive testing to meet the other part of the test criteria with a 2000kg truck at 70kph. This was duly passed on the 20th February 2002. The Rhino Barrier had therefore achieved NCHRP 350 TL2 test criteria and approved by the US department of Transport, Federal Highways for use in the USA where required and stipulated.

In between the above test for the 820kg and 2000kg vehicles we tested a 1500kg saloon car at 80 kph so we could meet the test requirements for the UK and European standards. This test was under criteria set out in BS/EN1317 Parts 1 and 2 to N1 - TB31. This was duly carried out and passed on the 8th February 2002. The Highways Agency confirmed acceptance of the Rhino Barrier for use on Trunk roads to the requirements of the Manual of Contract Documents for Highway works.

Since these tests have been passed and acceptance for use by both the Highways agencies of the USA and the UK, Rhino Safety Barriers have been extensively used on many road schemes providing safety to operatives, the general public and vehicular traffic. The Rhino System has been used for many applications including Special events, Airports, Security, Emergencies, Schools etc.

USA Office tel: 1-800 2921305

International Office (UK) tel: +44 (0) 1937 580033